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Ifi Achebe

Ifi Achebe

LL.B., B.L. TX.


Ifi has been a lawyer for approximately three decades. She is a Texas attorney, licensed to practise law by the State Bar of Texas.

Ifi is the principal partner at A. Bethea & Achebe P.C, the firm’s Houston office and has been with the firm since its inception in 1999. Ifi joined the Houston firm as a young attorney and through hard work, built the law firm into what it is today. She has moved the Houston office forward with steady incremental changes, building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment and taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.


Practice Experience

Ifi has worked extensively as a plaintiff’s attorney in civil litigation and has a lot of legal experience in the areas of insurance law, personal injury law, corporate and commercial law, criminal law, family law and civil litigation.


Litigation and Negotiation

Ifi has negotiated various personal injury settlements agreements worth thousands of dollars on behalf of her clients. She has developed a lot of expertise and experience in defending No Evidence Summary Judgement Motions against insurance companies and has achieved a policy limits settlement of USD$.5m during her career.

Ifi is committed to the promotion of social justice issues in her community and gives back to her community through volunteer legal aid services particularly conflict resolution. She serves as company secretary on the boards of various not-for-profit corporations in Houston.

Ifi currently practices law in the Houston Office, Texas jurisdiction



Practice Areas

Personal Injury Law

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Your accident may be work related, slip and fall in a retail store or a dog attack by your neighbor’s otherwise “friendly” dog. A personal injury can be a life changing event. Injuries can be both physically and emotionally debilitating. Insurance companies love when your scars are on the inside so they can deny your subjective injury claim. The lawyers at A. Bethea & Achebe P.C fight the insurance companies every inch of the way. We will file a lawsuit to protect your interests. We fight to maximize the value of your claim. Remember, you pay only when we recover for you.

Family Law

A marriage break up is a life changing event for the entire family. We understand this very unique challenge that can suddenly disrupt your entire family life. When children are involved it is more challenging for everybody! This is a time you need good advice and strategic planning to help you navigate the tough issues ahead and restore some normalcy to your family.

Criminal Law

Once you are accused of a crime, it can have devastating and lifelong effects on your life and liberty. Certain types of convictions could permanently impact your career path. The criminal justice system is overwhelming and complex and impossible to navigate without a trained lawyer. The government has unlimited resources to prosecute your case with a highly skilled workforce, trained investigators and career prosecutors whose job is to convict.
Our lawyers can help you get the best possible resolution for your case. We protect you from an overzealous criminal justice system.

US Immigration

Our Areas of Practice Include:
Citizenship, Adjustment of Status, Cancellation of Removal
Investor Visas, K¬ Visa (Fiancé Visa), Overseas Consular Processing
Work Authorization, FOIA Request, Green Card Renewal
Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ), DACA
VAWA, Waivers of Inadmissibility, Convention Against Torture, Asylum

Canadian Immigration

Our Areas of Practice Include:
Temporary Residence in Canada –
Visitors Visa or Temporary Resident Visa – TRV, Work Permit, Study Permit
Permanent Residence in Canada –
Federal skilled Worker Program: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).
Family Sponsorship, Business Immigration, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Humanitarian and Compassionate Application (H & C), Refugee Class, Asylum Seeker Class

Wills Preparation

Every adult needs a will or at the very least, a Power of Attorney. We understand that as unpleasant as such things may sound, they are very necessary for every adult. We handle the unpleasant aspects for our clients and ensure that loved ones especially minor children are well provided for.

Notary Public

Our lawyers provide a full range of notary services. We notarize all types of document. We are your one stop lawyer.

Administrative Law Preceedings

Our lawyers have experience handling different types of administrative hearings such as employment hearings, criminal pardons and paroles hearings, wrongful terminations, currency seizure by US Customs and Border Protection and more.

Consumer Protection Law

Our lawyers can help clients resolve many issues that arise as regular citizens navigate their everyday life. Some common issues could be a sales and purchase contract dispute, filing a complaint against a merchant for deceptive trade practices and more.

Real Estate Property Acquisition and Management

We can help acquire and manage property on behalf of our clients. Particularly, when a property owner resides abroad, he/she needs a trusted property manager to take care of the property and pay the property taxes when due. Some clients have lost their property because a property manager who collects rent neglects to pay taxes and assessments on the property.

Currency Seizure by US Customs and Border Protection, USCBP

Your currency may become the subject of a seizure by the US Customs and Border Protection. Citizens may not transport currency in excess of $9,999.00 without filing a customs declaration form. We can help you recover your money in the unfortunate event you inadvertently fall afoul of this law.


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