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Ifi Achebe LL.B., B.L. TX.



Ifi has been a lawyer for approximately three decades. She is a Texas attorney, licensed to practise law by the State Bar of Texas.

Ifi is the principal partner at A. Bethea & Achebe P.C, the firm’s Houston office and has been with the firm since its inception in 1999. Ifi joined the Houston firm as a young attorney and through hard work, built the law firm into what it is today. She has moved the Houston office forward with steady incremental changes, building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment and taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Practice Experience

Ifi has worked extensively as a plaintiff’s attorney in civil litigation and has a lot of legal experience in the areas of insurance law, personal injury law, corporate and commercial law, criminal law, family law and civil litigation.

Litigation and Negotiation

Ifi has negotiated various personal injury settlements agreements worth thousands of dollars on behalf of her clients. She has developed a lot of expertise and experience in defending No Evidence Summary Judgement Motions against insurance companies and has achieved a policy limits settlement of USD$.5m during her career

Ifi is committed to the promotion of social justice issues in her community and gives back to her community through volunteer legal aid services particularly conflict resolution. She serves as company secretary on the boards of various not-for-profit corporations in Houston.

Ifi currently practices law in the Houston office, Texas jurisdiction.



Adeze Bethea LL.B., B.L. ON, TX, NY.



Adeze has been a lawyer for over three decades and her legal experience spans multiple jurisdictions. She is licensed to practise law in the United States – Texas and New York; and in Canada, Ontario.

Practice Experience

Adeze has been a partner in her Houston law practice A. Bethea & Achebe P.C., since its inception in1999. She gained a lot of practice experience in the areas of personal injury lawimmigration lawwills, estate and trust law, corporate and commercial lawfamily law and civil litigation. She has also helped clients navigate Africa’s emerging markets and make investment decisions.

Litigation and Negotiation

Adeze has worked extensively in the insurance industry primarily as a Plaintiff’s attorney. She has an excellent and demonstrable understanding of complex legal arguments and has achieved a policy limits settlement of USD$.5m during her career.

Adeze is committed to social justice issues in her community. She also volunteers with various not-for-profit associations in both the US and Canada.

Adeze currently practices law in both the United States and Canada jurisdictions.

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