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11-year-old Houstonian making ...

11-year-old Houstonian making an impact across the world with her nonprofit ‘Lily’s Toy Box’

Published 1:31 pm CDT, Thursday, April 30, 2020

Eleven-year-old Lily DuBose is making an impact across the world through her nonprofit Lily’s Toy Box.

“Lily had a toy request from a family member of an ER doctor. Once Lily heard about this she decided she should do more. Lily constantly says to me, ‘We aren’t doing enough with Toy Box. We need to do more!'” said Jessica DuBose, Lily’s mother.

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After going through Hurricane Harvey, Lily shared on her website how sad it made her to know kids had to evacuate from their homes and lose their toys.

“Lily decided then that she needed to do something and she would give her toys away,” DuBose said. And that’s how Lily’s Toy Box was created.

Lily has given away 190 new toys since April 1 to essential employees, according DuBose. The 5,000 toys donated by Lily’s Toy Box have found their way to children around the country, including Texas, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and California.

Lily was even celebrated as one of Ellen & Cheerios One Million Acts of Good in 2018.

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“I hope I pick out the right toy for each kid and I also hope that it takes their mind off of this scary corona,” said Lily. “Stay Houston Strong!”

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